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Fishing in Port St Johns - FAQ


Port St John is a fishermans paradise.  The Mzimvubu  River & the Wild Coast should be a must do on any true fishermans bucket list. The better fishing is during the winter months (May - Oct/Nov).  Grunter, Kob & Garrick are the main fish of choice.  

Kob Hole or the Deep Hole?

Pi our riverside property sits on the famous fishing spot 'Kob Hole' or the 'Deep Hole' it is considered to be one of the best fishing spots on the river and is one of the deepest spots on the Mzimvubu.

Chest Freezers?

All of our units either have their own chest freezer or access to a shared chest freezer on the balcony.  We also have a large chest freezer for very large fish.


The bait of choice is largely sardine, which can be purchased locally but is more expensive.  You can also buy squid at local supermarkets & mud prawns from the guys locally.  Mud prawns are better bought on the day you need them.


We can organise a ghillie for you but we do not allow any other ghillies onto our property.  It's for everybodys safety & security.

Day Rate: R120   (8 hours)

Night Rate: R150 (8 hours)

Fishing License?

You do need a fishing license which can be purchased at the local post office, take some ID but no photo needed.  Don't forget bag limits, sizes & seasons.

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Bamba & Pi are ideal accommodation for all those who to want to fish in Port St Johns.

The Big Tree?

The Big Tree is about a 5 minute drive from us on the Ferry Point Road.  This is a very popular river bank fishing spot.

Mzimvubu River Mouth?

People fish the river mouth either from Ferry Point or Agate Terrace Beach.  We are about a 10 minute drive from Ferry Point & 15 minutes from Agate.  You can also fish the river mouth from 1rst Beach which is in town.

Silaka Nature Reserve or 3rd Beach?

R25 entrance is well worth it to experience this beautiful beach, where you can fish off the coastline.


A lovely fishing spot just keep going on the Ferry point Road and you will come to Poenskop beach.  A very popular early morning fishing spot, the wind can come up there, so check the weather forecast.

Ntafufu River?

Beautiful fishing spot the great for the Mangrove Snapper or Rock Salmon.

Variety Bay?

At the river mouth of the Ntafufu river, famous for Black Tail & Mussel Cracker and a large variety of fish.  You will need a 4/4 to get there.

Brazen Head?

Garrick, Shad, Kob are the fish of choice here.  About 20kms from Port St Johns.

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